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Chenille Rugs

Chenille Rugs

The fascinating segment of Chenille rugs extended by Rug Ninja is one wonder collection of area rugs, distinctively highlighting the sophistication of your place. The gooey texture lent by the Chenille fabric is its unique selling point. These Chenille rugs are thick, exhibit quality and add to the grandeur of your home multifariously. Super soft to walk on, you feel an unwrinkled world of comfort beneath your feet.

Chenille fabric is an ultra soft and furry thread obtained from Chenille Pine which is originally extracted from cotton. It requires a proficient workman to separate the Chenille tissues explicitly from the pines and mold it into the fabric. It is then articulately hand-tufted to an urbane masterpiece. The mushy texture of the Chenille fabric is evidently depicted in the rugs made from it. These eye pleasing area rugs made of one of the finest fabrics promptly lift the grace and beauty of the space. Chenille rugs are an instant hit among accessory lovers. More...

The color scheme applied on these quality Chenille rugs is an alluring blend of lustrous snow white, green and bright yellow. The palette of colors will satiate the artist inside you. Buy one rug for your home and, see bewitching elegance in every nook and corner of your space. Order a pair from rug ninja online at a reasonable price range. This rug is a decent investment that boosts the energy levels of your abode copiously.  Less...

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